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Work History

William Wilson was born and raised in Warren, Michigan. Throughout his high school years he was very active in using computers and quickly became proficient in programming. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy at the age of 19 where he found himself dealing with more computers and more programming. Throughout his Naval career William was given many responsibilities and challenges. He became a Master Training Specialist and instructed in excess of 250 students. Included in his achievements was to supervise a work center, group work center, and he attained Divisional LPO and Department LPO. William was a successful Recruiter for the Navy and he managed and supported Novell servers.

After retiring from the Navy, William went on to become President of South Port computers in Zion, IL. After a few years he was offered a position with Platinum Entertainment, at which point he moved to Chicago, IL. Platinum Entertainment moved William, his wife and four children to Atlanta, GA. Platinum Entertainment closed their Chicago office and filed bankruptcy in 2000. William left Platinum and took a new position with Surface Exchange. They were a start up company in Atlanta. The web based carped wholesaler was off to a great start. The position was exactly what William had hoped for in the interest of taking a position with a start up company. The company lost funding before the website took off, and the project was folded.

At this point in his career, William decided to take a few months off and spend some time with his family. His newest edition to his family had just arrived, and taking some time to spend at home with the family was just what he needed. By January of 2001, he was more than ready to get back to work, and that is just what he did. He took a Senior System Engineer position for NetTech. He was the lead on the project for Bank of America. He was overseeing the Desktop Upgrade from Win95 to NT 4.0 workstation for 288 systems. This company was based in Florida with offices in various other cities. Bank of America's contract with NetTech ended.

At this point, it seemed that most positions that were available during the fall of the dotcoms and the loss of jobs during the September 11, 2001 times didn't leave a lot available, but many companies were looking for someone part time. William and his wife Lalena Wilson had already started Zylo-Net in early 1999. It was a web design and development company. Lalena, a stay at home mother of 4 had wanted to a job that gave her the flexibility of taking care of the children as well. She had been designing web sites since the early 90's. William and Lalena decided to open a second branch of Zylo-Net and incorporate it. This would give William the freedom to take those jobs as a contractor and still allow Lalena to do her web designing as well. The two facets of Zylo-Net compliment each other so well that most clients that had web sites with Zylo-Net were interested in the computer work. And several of the clients that utilize the computer technical skills of Zylo-Net also have become interested in web sites.

It seemed as though William had really hit his nitch. Now in 2005. Zylo-Net has seen 2 of its major clients close, and several clients have picked up enough business to finally be able to hire in house technicians. William is glad to see the job market take a turn for the better. And has begun to seek a position with another company that will give him an opportunity to utilize his business management skills. Zylo-Net's client base has down sized and there are enough employees to handle the client base without William, so the business will not be shifted by the loss of William. Lalena Wilson will continue to oversee and operate the Zylo-Net business structure as a whole.

In August 2007 William was diagnosed with tongue cancer at the back of the throat. He had a port and feeding tube placed. In September 2007 the feeding tube got infected. So they removed the feeding tube and replaced it in a new location. He also started Chemo and radiation treatments. He also started feeding through the feeding tube. In December 2007 he completed his treatments. The cancer when into remission. He was hospitalized for mal nutrition due to the inability to swallow. So he began IV feedings and feeding via the feeding tube. In February 2009 he was diagnosed with recurring aspiration pneumonia and was hospitalization. He also had his port removed. He also detected with MRSA and the MRSA colonized in the lungs. He was hospitalized over the next several months for recurring pneumonia and MRSA. In July 2009 he developed neuropathy in his hands.

In September 2009 he was hospitalized for respiratory distress, he also had surgery for SVT's. In October 2009 William had several procedures done; thoracic surgery to repair and drain pockes of fluid around the lungs, umbilical hernia repaired. In December 2009 was hospitalized for MRSA.

In January 2010 William had real tuff time he was hospitalized for respiratory distress, he also had a trach placed and placed on a ventiltion for 2 weeks, after he was waken from his coma he was sent to LTAC for 2 weeks, he was also diagnosed with MRSA again and had his PEG Tube converted to a GJ Tube, and he was also hospitalized for recurring aspiration pneumonia. He was sent home on O2.

Other Activities:

  • Golfing -Once in a while William likes to take time out for a game of golf. Since he has been in Georgia he has not had as many opportunities to persue this, but is looking forward to new opportunities.
  • Racing - Modified Mini Stock - William currently holds his NASCAR license to operate and drive his modified mini stock car. While he spends more time working on the cars with his children than racing them, he looks forward to the day that he will be able to race the car.


William and Lalena Wilson have 5 children. They were born in California, Michigan, Iowa, and Georgia. The children are active in many events including football, NJ ROTC, modified mini stock racing, and the DEProgram for the U.S. Navy.

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